Showing You True Joy in Virginia Country Living

For Joy Thompson, experiencing country life to the fullest means taking care of her family, working her small farm and having room to breath. Living in this beautiful place with her husband, two children, six horses, three dogs, two cats, fish, birds and chickens is an idyllic lifestyle. Up early every morning, Joy is the kind of individual who thrives in this setting. In fact, this energetic businesswoman can’t imagine life getting any better.

A Labor of Love

Joy ThompsonJoy has never been a stranger to hard work. For as long as she can remember, she has enjoyed taking on a task and getting it done. During her time with the Federal Government as a loan officer for the Farmer’s Home Administration, she labored tirelessly to help farmers qualify for loans. With degrees in animal science, animal husbandry and agricultural economics, it’s no surprise Joy eventually pursued a career in farm operations and development, and horse training. Her days were strenuous, but she got great satisfaction working with the animals, and her leadership skills and determination kept her at the top of her field. She, as always, loved new challenges and to this day faces them head on, tackling each detail with complete dedication.

Joy has a tough time being idle. When she isn’t working diligently with her clients, she remains connected to her passion for horses and trains them in her spare time. Being raised on a lake, she also enjoys the water—boating, fishing, sailing, water skiing or just tubing down a river are some of her favorite things to do with her family. Joy truly loves living in a country environment and tending to her rose and vegetable gardens are just some of the many experiences that allow her to live life to it’s fullest. It’s a lifestyle she treasures.

The Perfect Lifestyle

Thompson FamilyWhat could be better than waking up and looking out over a few acres you can call your own? A place where your children can play, where pets can run and the pace of your day is set by the rise and fall of the sun. Joy understands and appreciates the peace and satisfaction of country living and can’t wait to help her real estate clients make the most of it—regardless of whether they are placing their property on the market or are hoping to find their dream home.

Joy’s love for helping people has given her the ability to astutely read their needs and then meet or exceed them. For her clients who have decided to sell their homes, she has developed strategic marketing plans that showcase the desirability of owning a unique property of this kind. And because she is so attuned to the lifestyle and its requirements, she is well suited to assist her clients in finding a home with or without acreage that is right for them and their families.

Experience Country Living with Joy!

When you’ve made the decision to buy or sell a home or land in Western Loudoun County, Joy Thompson is ready to work with you to ensure the process runs smoothly. She’ll handle each detail, educate you throughout your purchase or sale and guide you in the right direction at every turn. Take a positive step and Experience Country Life with Joy! Contact her today. You’ll be glad you did.