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Our new baby!

Our New Baby! Born March 11, 2016.
By Maclean’s Music Out of Elusive Princess


Got to visit my superhero in Lexington! Yes that’s American Pharoah!!!

American Pharoh
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Joy Thompson loves her country living lifestyle. For Joy, raising her family and working with her animals in a rural atmosphere is the definition of the good life.

Here on Joy’s Western Loudoun County real estate website, you will find a wealth of information to help you maximize your real estate investment when buying or selling a home in Western Loudoun County or the surrounding Northern Virginia communities. Search homes and land for sale on the Loudoun County MLS. View Joy’s featured properties. Access local real estate reports, events and information. It’s all here on her website.

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Lilly Bay By Twirling Candy Out of Elusive Princess Born on Monday, 9 March, 2014

Lilly Bay
By Twirling Candy Out of Elusive Princess
Born on Monday, 9 March, 2014

Just an average day selling HUNT country properties!!

photo-e1394721052721While viewing properties with Kristin Johnson and Danta Thompson, we came across the Piedmont Hunt pack of hounds on a run on the south side on Snickersville Tpke. As they approached the road, we got stopped and immediately stopped all traffic. The pack split with half heading north across the road and the other half heading south. There was not a huntsman or whip in sight. Kristin quickly called a member of Piedmont Hunt and soon realized they had lost the hounds. We stayed there for over an hour helping slow traffic and keeping the hounds that were going back and forth safe. In time, the Hunt responded trailering the Huntsman and his horse to the area as well as another trailer to gather hounds. Meanwhile we tried to keep the hounds from wandering. Not an easy task. I started to try and mimic the sound of the huntsman’s horn. At first it worked! They picked up their heads and came right over. Then they all started baying which is the picture above.

What a great sound! And very funny as well. As Kristin said, “I don’t know if they like or hate what you’re saying but it is one or the other for sure!” Soon they realized it was not the real thing and began to wonder. Just in time the Huntsman appeared, called them and they went running to him. No one was hurt and the hounds were found! A great ending to a lovely afternoon!!!